Bamboo Risk

“The Art of Formidably Sustaining Oneself For the Future with Bamboo Risks”

Molly Schulman and Sarah Vandersall


Bamboo Risk is a concept and practice developed from impulsively carrying off desirable bamboo refuse undetected. There is a moment when the risk and reward of taking the bamboo outweighs and overwhelms the choice to simply continue on, life unchanged.  Bamboo Risk occurs when the “Root Power” of bamboo consumes the individual, likening them to the true untamed nature of the bamboo plant itself. On two separate and impromptu occasions, we were each uniquely inspired by the powers of this mystical and robust plant. Only upon later reflection did it become clear that our risks were instigated by the “Root Power”. Though not immediately foreseen, the consequences of taking a Bamboo Risk were remarkably beneficial, leaving us with feelings of exhilaration and confidence, revelation and transformation, facilitating a positive change for the future.  Bamboo has many qualities of strength, adaptability, fecundity; by creating a relationship between Bamboo and Risk, we are presenting an alternative way of life for an auspicious and sustained future, enhanced on a metaphysical level by the powerful action of the Bamboo Risk.

Bamboo refuse taken from MAK Center, Schindler House

Bamboo refuse taken from MAK Center, Schindler House