Maiden LA

Molly Schulman and Salomeh Grace


Maiden LA is a decentralized county-wide survey of art happenings co-founded by Molly Schulman and Salomeh Grace. Initiated in 2016 to coincide with the Hammer Museum's 3rd iteration of 'Made in LA' (a biennial featuring emerging or underrepresented LA artists), Maiden LA serves as a way to expand the Hammer's definition of LA artists, offering a program that includes absolutely everyone who applies to participate.

Both a playful anagram and homophone of ‘Made in LA’, Maiden LA’s focus is not exclusive to the Hammer’s curatorial efforts, but a way to consider and broaden how a city’s artistic landscape is defined. By being 100% inclusive and giving participating artists total autonomy, Maiden LA provides a rare forum where an unrepresented artist working out of their garage is on the same plane as an established institution.

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